scott norris art studio


Scott Norris is an award-winning artist and long-term brain cancer survivor. He and his wife Cheryl live in San Jose, California.

Since being one of the top award winners in the Art of Triumph show at Bonner David Galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona (click here to visit Bonner David), Scott has pursued his art with a passion. His diverse style shows a natural tendency toward the use of color and rhythm, aspects of a new and vibrant perspective of life. His goal: simply to share the art of hope and possibility.

Other projects include (click to view):

Guest speaker: UCSB Health Psychology class

Artwork donated to UCSF Brain Tumor Patient Education Center

Factors Influencing Quality of Life for Brain Tumor Survivors: A Practical Tool for Navigating Survivorship

The Brain Tumor Diaries (paperback version)

Quality of Life for Brain Tumor Survivors: A Grand Opportunity for Service

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myschool: Forcing Paradigm Shifts in Education Delivery

myschool: Meeting Critical Success Factors and Delivering Value for the Future of Education

myschool: A Long Term Investment in Social, Cultural, and Educational Diversity

The Human Cost of Capital, Capitalism, and Unchecked Power & the Rise of Populist Movements

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